Thursday, January 19, 2012

"Same Ole Love" by Anita Baker - January 17th 80's Quest Song/Band of the day

A little R&B today! Ooooh-weeee, I absolutely loved Anita Baker's album "Rapture". I know, it wasn't tough, it wasn't alternative, it wasn't rocking, but I really dug her way with a song. They were beautiful, and had complex vocals, and were about longing and lost love. I used to play this album over and over and sing it in my college apartment (my neighbors probably despised me....because I certainly don't have her voice or capabilities, but belted 'em out anyways!).

Anita rollerskates in this can you go wrong with that? It was the 80's after all!!! She also drives around her hometown of Detroit, although she doesn't seem to get out of the car very often... (unless she's in front of the church/fellowship hall). Hmmm....

Back in the 80's I went to see Anita Baker in concert outdoors on Boston Common. It was a balmy summer night, her voice filled the air and it was quite magical. Then right when she began singing my favorite song that I had been waiting for all night and hoping she was going to sing....a gigantic tree branch broke off from above from one of the trees in the park about 16 rows behind me and pinned a bunch of people underneath and they had to be taken away in an ambulance. That was pretty memorable....more so for them, I'm sure than myself!


Flashbacks of the times we've had
Some made us laugh and some made us sad
We used to break up to make up
All the fun that came from those love games

Oh well, I think I need someone new
Oh, it just won't do, because I think about you baby

From beginning to end 365 days of the year
I want your same ol' love
All I want to you is keep on loving you
I want your same ol' love

There's a reason I feel this way
All the things you do, well it might be the things that you say
Your love never changes
It's like a picture in a frame and it remains the same

Your undying love for me
Oh, it keeps me strong, keeps me holding on


Slowly, love me
All is forsaken, I love the love we're making
Cause it's truly lovely
It'll never leave you, you'll know I need you baby

[Chorus: x2]

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