Wednesday, February 29, 2012

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If I can get readership to that point I hope to be able to do some contests and fun things.  Join in the fun...a new song/band added every day.  Would love to hear more of your comments on your thought and feelings and rememberances of the songs too.  Leave your comments - please!! 

Along with my U.S. readers - a big hello, and an invitation to join to my readers in Russia, Latvia, Australia, Sweden, United Kingdom, Portugual, South Korea, and India!


  1. Hello i was told about this site by a friend and am very excited to see it. I also grew up during the late 70's and 80's and now that I am older I compare the music of the two decades and agree with what you say! All the disco of the 70's never really went away it became better and mature. More lasting great disco music emerged in the early 80's such from Lime to Laura Branigan and has never left the mainstream since. And of course punk music became new wave and those bands are still with us and really hadcore punk music that came out the eighties. B-52's were considered punk and look how big they are! Thank you for having this great site!

  2. Michael, you are my first new site member who made their way to the blog via word of mouth from a friend - so thanks for coming on board. Your post made me pleased as punch! And I totally agree with what you are saying about disco too! I was never one to "hate-on" disco because I love to dance, but I really enjoy a whole gammut of genres...except for Country!